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About Reflexology
15th August 2022 
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About Reflexology
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What is Reflexology..

Reflexology is a holistic Complementary Therapy which initiates the body’s own natural healing mechanisms through a specific massage technique on the feet or hands. It brings about a state of deep relaxation and balance. It works on the principal that the feet 'mirror' the body and have reflex points all over them that relate to every part of the body. Reflexology encourages energy and improved blood and nerve supply to areas of the body which are in need, maybe due to an illness, injury, disease or from stress.

A Reflexologist uses their hands to apply pressure to the feet and this pressure is altered to suit the needs to each individual client. While carrying out the treatment, the reflexologist is feeling for areas of imbalance or weakness which often represent themselves as small crunchy deposits, which we call crystals. By trying to work out these blockages circulation is improved and the body's natural healing mechanisms are encouraged.

Reflexology looks at the person as a whole; Mind, Body and Spirit and tries to see what lifestyle factors could be affecting the condition rather than just focusing on treating the problem, it looks for possible causes.