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Typical Session
15th August 2022 
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Typical Session. Aromatherapy

What happens at a treatment..

Due to the current Covid-19 situation before your treatment is booked we will go through a risk assessment questionnaire to ascertain if it is appropriate for you to have a treatment. If we both agree it is safe to treat I will then go through some additonal precautions I as the therapist will take, and you as the client can do to enable our treatment to be as low risk as possible. As I offer a mobile reflexology service I will bring to your home a reclining Lafuma chair which is specially designed for Reflexologists, howver due to Covid-19 some people may wish to use their own sofa and that is fine, although my chair will either be covered or left 72 hours between clients. If you have any relaxing music you would like to play or any candles you would like to burn I would happily suggest it. I am able to provide these however in the current pandemic the fewer items brought into your home the better. I would also advise to have a blanket nearby as often during treatments your temperature can drop slightly.

Before you get comfortable in the chair I'll ask you what you would like to get out of the session and if you have ever tried reflexology before and go through any medical history with you and try to get an understanding of your lifestyle.

You only need to remove your shoes and socks and once you are lying back comfortably I will briefly examine your feet and do some relaxing 'Opening Movements' like ankle rotations to get your feet used to my hands and relaxed then using either my fingers, thumbs, or knuckles I will apply pressure to your feet. The pressure varies from client to client. Some people like a hard treatment while others prefer a much softer one. This is judged on feedback from yourself. The treatment should not hurt or tickle.

Different areas or systems of the body are represented on the feet and areas of imbalance or weakness can be detected. If for example you have constipation the part of your foot corresponding to the intestines or colon may feel a bit more sensitive than other areas and 'Crunchy' or 'Gritty' or 'Resistive' to myself. I would work on this area to a pressure that you can handle and try to 'unblock ' congestion.

After about 50 minutes once the hands on part is finished I would leave you wrapped up under your blanket and explain any areas that I found to be of interest. It is always recommended to drink plenty of water after your treatment and keep warm and to listen to what your body tells you. Some clients feel energised after their session while others feel calm and 'chilled out' so maybe keep an hour or two free after your first treatment so you can act accordingly.